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Planlagt bok Med tanke på utgivelse ca i 2025 arbeider for tiden S.B. med en bok om kommunikasjon mellom barn og voksne. Teamer inkluderer dialog, modellmakt, kryssende perspektiver, umiddelbarhet, hierarki og nettverk. I mange tiår har sosiologiske trekk ved Martin Buber's Ich und Du vært sentral for Bråten; og Buber vies god plass i boken.
Roots and Collapse of Empathy: click at book photo to search up publications at this publisher.
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The main postulate (on the Virtual Other) as proposed in Born with the Other in Mind led to a conference and the Cambridge University Press book (edited by S.Braten), which brings together scientists from many fields of research in cross-disciplinary efforts at dialogue. (click here for info on this and other books and articles, many of which deals with the Virtual Other theory). The virtual other is, as suggested by this author, a companion space, in-born in the mind in an immediate sense, which invites actual others for protoconversation from birth, and is a ground for socialised cognitive contact of a pro-compassionate kind as well Letter from Professor Daniel N. Stern, Geneva, on December 5, 1993, to this author on the manuscript 'Born with the Other in Mind': Dear Professor Stein Bråten, First, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your recent book. I think it is a major contribution. I congratulate you. Secondly, I regret to tell you that I will be in the U.S. at the time of [your] symposium on Intersubjectivity..." in August, 1994. I will not be able to attend as it falls during our family holidays. It sounds terrific and I will certainly miss much. I don't know if you have any plans to be in this area soon -- ICIS in Paris in June? I shall visit my daughter in Göteborg, Sweden in April. Perhaps there is some way to get together. Yours Sincerely Dan Stern (Letter reprinted with permission.)